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If you require high-quality tuition for your child, please get in contact with Fountains of Life Educational Services, a friendly and professional childcare centre providing nursery education, various clubs and tuition for kids and a nursery in the South Croydon area. We aim is to create a conducive learning environment that children are comfortable in, providing children with a well-rounded education that incorporates physical activity and proper nutrition. Through our online portal system, which logs the daily activities of children, parents can know how their child is doing throughout the day. Moreover, our team of qualified professionals specialise in providing both one-to-one and small group tuition services that take into account the unique educational needs of each child, helping them to address any gaps in their learning.

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To learn more about our tuition service for children in Croydon, get in contact with Fountain of Life Educational Services and see what they can do for you.



Why use our tuition service?

All children process information uniquely, and this means that there are some aspects of learning that prove to be harder than others. This is why we sit down with children on a one-to-one basis, working with them closely and getting to know what learning style best suits them. Some children struggle to learn in groups, receiving direct help from a professional tutor, on the other hand, can often make a world of difference.

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The Educational Centre (FOLES) will not administer basic pain killers or other medications unless the parent/legal guardian submits a signed consent form from the students GP labelling each medication with amount and time to be taken.

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Our tutors

All tutors undergo the appropriate vetting process and are highly experienced in their subject area. Whether children are going through key stages, taking 11+ exams, exams for grammar or international schools, or undergoing a more specific test, our education centre has the resources and skills to give them the preparation that they need. We always work closely with schools and parents to make sure that tutors receive the information they need to provide the best help possible and a tailored approach to learning for each child.

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Our children

Keeping in line with our personalised approach towards tutoring children in our education centre in South Croydon, students have a pre-assessment that determines their individual needs and allows tutors to implement a learning programme that optimises their development. Along with a dedicated service for Special Educational Needs (SEN), our tuition service is aimed at children of all ages and will always provide a comfortable atmosphere that encourages learning.




Expert tuition for children in Croydon

All resources and equipment used align with the British curriculum for teachers of all ages. If you need a first-class Tutor in Croydon or a personalised tutoring service, get in contact with Fountains of Life Educational Services.

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