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Welcome to Fountains of Life Educational Services, a friendly tuition provider in Croydon providing breakfast, after school and holiday clubs along with tuition for students. Our central goal is to prepare children between the ages of one and five for primary school in a safe, nurturing environment monitored by passionate professionals. We aim to be as flexible as possible for parents, which is why we are open between 7 am to 7 pm. The tuition service we provide consists of both group tuition and one-to-one learning options.  We work closely with parents through our online portal software, enabling you to keep track of how your children are progressing throughout the day.

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Nursery in Croydon. Nursery for kids. Fountains of Life.

About us

Fountains of Life Educational Services provide a happy and nurturing environment for all children. We want to help your child reach their full potential and we will support them through encouragement and care. The wellbeing of our students is our number one priority and we take their safety seriously. We aim to help every child to prepare for the future by creating a safe and engaging learning environment that encourages them to excel as individuals.


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If you are looking for a flexible tuition or a tuition in Croydon that covers all major examination boards, please contact us here at Fountains of Life Educational Services.

Our values



We have close to 30 years of experience in childcare, ranging from early years to Key Stage 5 along with possessing excellent management skills. Our staff are fully qualified and have experience in childcare and Special Educational Needs (SEN).  


We understand how busy a parent’s schedule can be, which is why we are open from 7 am to 7 pm. Drop-offs or pickups from local schools for breakfast and after-school clubs can be arranged for an additional fee. Parents can access information about what their child is doing during the day through our modern online portal system. This helps to give each parent peace of mind as it reaffirms that each child is in the safe and capable hands of our childcare professionals.


The Fountains of Life building is owned by St Francis Church, which serves as a vital part of the South Croydon community, a place that has many young families. We are a multicultural organisation and welcome people of all backgrounds. Additionally, we provide several extracurricular activities and place a strong emphasis on a well-rounded education service.




Our services



Nursery in Croydon. Nursery and after school club.

We employ specialists in their field to teach and help students with their specific needs. These sessions are delivered in either a small group or a one-to-one basis and cover all key stages and major exam boards for primary, secondary, international and grammar schools.

Breakfast club

Nursery in Croydon. Breakfast Club. Nursery for kids. Fountains of Life.

Proper nutrition is so important for growing children. Through our breakfast club, you can rest assured that your kids will receive their five-a-day through our freshly prepared meals. We follow all guidelines regarding sugar content and provide both indoor and outdoor activities.

After school club

Nursery in Croydon. Nursery and after school club.

To save parents stress, we arrange a pickup service (for an additional fee) from local schools for kids who will be attending the after-school club. Along with helping children who are struggling with certain aspects of their homework, we also offer healthy snacks and fun extracurricular activities.

Holiday club

Nursery in Croydon. Nursery and after school club.

Our holiday care club operates on the same hours as our tuition service and provides kids with a chance to learn a variety of things that go beyond the standard curriculum, such as dance and drama, with industry professionals coming in to lead sessions that are both fun and educational.





Tuition for children in Croydon

Are you looking for tuition for children in Croydon? Do you require a breakfast or an after-school club that can provide childcare and help with homework? If so, get in contact with Fountains of Life Educational Services.

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